Isn’t it about time the raffle process got a makeover?



The typical charity raffle sales process comes in one of two forms:

1. The long, drawn out telemarketing call. Neither party wants to be on the phone and it always comes at the worst time. The result? A half-hearted “I’ll think about it” and a plate of cold lasagne.

2. The fundraising dinner. A sea of plastic tablecloths, awkward small talk, and the pressure to bid is enough to make any person wish they’d stayed in and written a check.

Sound fun? We didn’t think so.

TokenSpin is built around making charity raffles enjoyable, straightforward, and, well, charitable . Funds normally set aside to pay telemarketers or buy a giant check are instead transferred directly to nonprofits.

No need to spend time eyeing your Caller ID or ironing that suit in the back of your closet. With TokenSpin, you don’t even need to set up an account. Enjoy instant payouts with our raffles powered by the Ethereum blockchain.


Say hello to the future of giving back. Because when every loss is a donation, everyone wins.


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